Blowing Wind Fork Bracelet

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The bracelet looks amazingly airy and free however, it is a piece of very stiff alpaca metal alloy.

That said, its size can't be altered (or it is very difficult to do so and you'll need professional tools for that) so I'll try to be as specific about its measurements as I can: its inner diameter is 6.6 cm (2.6 inches) which doesn't mean that your wrist should be that size but the widest part of your palm so the bracelet should fit through it if that makes sense.

Also, there is a gap between the fork's head and it handle, where you can slide your wrist: 2.5 cm (0.98 inches).


How to care for this jewel

It is made of alpaca metal so if you follow the golden rules of taking care of your jewelry below, it should not require any maintenance.

Please note

  • spray your perfume 20 minutes prior to putting on your accessories
  • never take a bath/shower with your jewelry on because moist is harmful even to noble metals
  • when you take it off, keep your jewelry in the darkest, driest area of your home to maintain its original beauty for a long time



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