Colorful Fused Glass Earrings with Dichroic

Colorful Fused Glass Earrings with Dichroic

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Colorful fused glass earrings with surgical steel ear hooks. The intensely shining dichroic glass gives an extra sparkle to the colourful, shiny glass jewel.

The base is a black layer which is topped with amorphous green, red and yellow colors. The very top layer which creates a 3D effect, is a transparent glass piece that overlaps the whole piece. Tiny, shiny, geometrical forms of silver dichroic is melted into the surface.

This color combination of glass jewellery perfectly embodies the function of a jewellery - it draws attention whether you wear it with a black, red, green or yellow dress! It is very playful and fun, the shapes of the tiny dichroic and melted glass pieces are random.

We highly recommend it to diverse personalities who love to wear all different colors!

The red color is a warm and positive color that is associated with our physical needs and our will to survive

Red radiates a strong and powerful masculine energy. It is a sporty color, that many automakers choose to showcase their showroom cars. The color red is energizing and it provokes the emotions and motivates us to take action. The red color expresses pioneer spirit and leadership qualities, and promotes ambition and determination.

Black is also a very powerful color that symbolizes class, elegance and wealth

Stylish clothing is often designed in black, everything from suits, to sexy black dresses, to formal black tie outfits. Black combined with other colors can have a very strong impact.

As a combination of the color yellow and the color blue, the color green get its mental clarity and optimism from the yellow color, with the emotional tranquility and insight from the blue color

It gives more hope than any other colors. The color green has a strong sense of right and wrong, and a good judgment. It sees both sides of the case, weighs them up, and then take the moral and appropriate decision. On the negative side, the green color can be judgmental and overly cautious. The color green promotes love of nature, family, friends, pets and home. It is the color of people who love being in the garden, at home, or being a good host. But green color meaning can also be associated with being new or inexperienced. The color green is becoming a very popular color for new website designs.

Yellow color meaning represents youth, fun, joy, sunshine and other happy feelings

It is a cheerful and energetic color. The color yellow is often used for children’s toys and clothes.Yellow is the best color to boost enthusiasm in your life and can contribute with greater confidence and optimism. It loves challenges, especially the mental kind. In color psychology, yellow is known as the color of communication. It is a great speaker, networker and journalist, who all work and communicate on the mental level. The color yellow is the scientist, who constantly analyze things and look methodically on both sides of a case, before making a decision. Yellow is also the entertainer, comedian and clown.

Silver is a powerful color which can bring about mental, physical and emotional harmony

Silver color meaning includes glamorous, sophisticated and distinguished. Silver haired men and women are considered graceful, intelligent and wise. It is traditional to give gifts made of silver on the 25th anniversary. When using it in websites, mix the color silver with other hues to create a high tech or industrial representation.

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