Fantasy Style Purple Glass and Black Tin Necklace

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This beautiful purple necklace is made of coloured glass, tin and textile cord, adjustable to your liking! The transparent purple glass is a magnifier which makes it look ever more misterious and charmed.

The textile cord is fixed with sliding nots which means the length can be adjusted anywhere between 29 cm - 58 cm.

Purple is the colour of luxury, it shows sensuality, passion and the depths of emotion. This gorgeous color creates an unusual atmosphere and provides an interesting essence. If you like violet you have a need for extraordinary, unique, you're sensitive and attentive. You have a creative, artistic, complex personality.

The style recalls the fantasy world of dragons, elves, casters and fairies. These items are truely fantastic for all sorts of reasons, be it for renaissance fairs, LARP, weddings, medieval and more. We are sure that there is something in this range which will be a feast for your eyes.

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