Dainty Handmade Glow-in-the-dark Dot Painted Bracelets

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The diameter of this dot painted bracelet's decorated glass mandala part is 8 mm each which makes it a dainty piece of jewel.

The dots are handpainted one by one with a very tiny contour brush and a special kind of paint. Since the top of the surface is painted, you can feel the little bumps of the dots when you touch it!

The stainless surgical steel chain is 6 cm long on one side with a dolhpin clasp at the end and 3 cm long on the side with a 3 cm extension chain to adjust the size to your liking!

The dots glow in the dark! Charge the pendant with strong light (the stronger the light the brighter your earrings will glow) and then turn off the lights! This aspect of the jewel has a secret message: have hope and shine your heart bright even in the darkest times!

This style of jewels speaks about positivity on every level!

"A philosopher once asked: are we human because we gaze at the stars or do we gaze at them because we are human?"

Life can be complicated but beautiful, it is challenging and fascinating at the same time. These gorgeous pieces were made to bring focus to the bright side of life.

It was made by Chloe Nyiri.


How to take care of this bracelet

This jewel is made of 2 materials: stainless surgical steel and glass. It should not need any maintanance if you follow the golden rules of jewelry-keeping below.

Please note

  • this piece is slightly fragile
  • never take a bath/shower with your jewelry on because moist is harmful even to noble metals
  • when you take it off, keep your jewelry in the darkest, driest area of your home to maintain its original beauty for a long time

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