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“When you buy something from an artist you’re buying more than an object. You’re buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation. You’re buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy. You’re not buying just one thing, a piece of a soula small piece of someone else’s life”-Unknown


Intuita 1, Budapest, Vaci utca 67Hello! Welcome to Intuita!

My name is Szilvia, I am the housewife of Intuita if I may put it that way. I adore the beauty of simple things in everyday life and that is what makes my love for handmade items as well. I am also an artist, you can find my works by clicking here.

When I see our site analysis, I’ll be very happy to see that you were interested in us and opened this tab! So let me introduce you to the team of Intuita!

Intuita shop is an online and offline store where you may shop from unique whatnots made by handcrafters and artists.

Intuita was the dream of my husband, Gergely and he was the one who made this dream come true! He chose and acquired – and that wasn’t easy so many thanks to him! – the two places where we found our homes. He designed and built the interior and the furniture. Although it’s his merit, I also take pride in the many compliments we receive in the matter from our customers. His job didn’t end here because we, girls always have some great new ideas or problems which only he can solve! He is a kind of a polymath; he is just as good in economics as in water pipe installation, statics or art history. And since we mentioned statics: he is the base of Intuita!




 Let me introduce you Chloé. She is my personal assistant or the more expressive word is: my right hand. In fact, she is sometimes both! :) She is a real energy-bomb; her enthusiasm keeps the machine in motion! You can meet her in Intuita 1 and 2 in person or if you read any English language text in our webshop or on our social media, she is in the background. She welcomes everyone who shares our joy in handicrafts with her heart and soul and with great love. Many people from all over the world have made friends with her while shopping!

She is also an artist of Intuita Shop: she makes dot painted jewellery, jewel holders, paintings, fridge magnets, rocks! Click here to see her art in Intuita Shop!

We, the small team of Intuita Shop truely believe that coming into our store (online or offline) and finding something true to your heart is like falling in love: you have a look at the jewel or ceramic or bag and your whole world shifts, you heart beats faster and you cannot stop thinking about it until you have it for yourself.

The first impression is very important: just like looking deeply into someone's eyes, you look at the jewel and you immediately get a gut feeling, an "intuition" that this one is for you...  and the name, Intuita is derived from that!

The moment also has to be right - time stops and everything appears in slow motion, your one and only focus is that precious thing right in front of you.

Each person is unique and unrepeatable so it's easy draw paralell with handmade goodies - none of them look the same, even though the same two hands made them!

And lastly, the most important thing we all seek in humans and accessories alike: quality. Quality must be there, otherwise it will be nothing but a short flame.