Costumer's Reviews

Natalie from Scotland

I got the parcel today and the rings are perfect. They look great and fit perfectly. Thank you so much for all your help and hope to buy from you again.



Ronald and Alice from Holland

We are very satisfied with the beautiful rings!!
We have opened them last night on a special moment :)
Also we thank you for the kind words about our 30 years happiness and the nice postcard!

Thank you for being so careful with everything



Jill from Australia

So very exciting. The three beautiful rings have arrived. Thank you so much for everything.  My 4 year old Granddaughter was with me when they were delivered. She was so excited. I told her they will belong to her when she is my age!



Amy from Pennsylvania

Hey, just checking in with my favorite Hungarian jewelry shop. lol Hope everything is going well for you. The new website is very nice and enables easy access to all the products available. It's fun to see new items added.

Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying my bracelets and getting many compliments on them. I am way ahead of you on the marketing side. I had told everyone my whole bracelet story and how I was getting custom made ones from your store. Everyone was so impressed. Since I'm known as kinda the world traveler it is always expected that I have interesting jewelry to bring back from my travels, and it never fails that I always choose jewelry people really like. Call it a gift. lol I have directed several people to your site. So hopefully they will all buy something.


Donna from USA

We received the ceramic bowl, which was wrapped well. It is beautiful and arrived at our house in perfect condition. We will enjoy it for many years. Best wishes to you for a continuing successful business.


Piotr from Poland

Thank you very much. Package arrived and everything seems to be ok. Thanks for nice gift packing.


Joan from UK

The scarves have arrived & they're fabulous. Thank you for the gift also - much appreciated!

Lovely doing business with you. I'm so pleased I walked into the shop.


Annette from Nederland

Dear Szilvia and Chloé

My Beatles earrings arrived today and they are absolutely perfect!!!

My boyfriend bought me the exact same pair a few years ago when he visited Sziget festival. Unfortunately one of those earrings has disappeared from the face of the earth last year. (I still think the cat has it hidden somewhere)

Since then I've been looking everywhere to find it, or to find a replacement. You are the only shop I could find in the whole world who sells them. It can't be a coincidence that you are from Budapest!

I'm sooo happy that I found your shop and I promise to keep the earrings safe, and far away from my cat!

With sincere thanks, Annette


The Beatles Vinyl Earrings