When I was at your local shop in Budapest I wanted to buy something which in the end didn't fit in my suitcase. Now I would like to purchase it but I can't find it on the webshop. Is there a way I can buy it?

 Of course, there is. Tell us what it is and how it looks like and we will take photos of it and its variations and will send the photos to you via email. Then you can choose but you should note that there is a chance someone else likes it and purchases the very same one you would like to buy in the meantime. In that case we have two options: we offer you another piece, very similar to the one you originally chose or we send a photo of it to the creator and she will reproduce it if it's possible.


Do you ship to France/Poland/Asia/Africa?

Yes we do. Although, you should note that the shipping price may differ according to the state from which you order.


Is everything handmade in your shop?

Yes, absolutely. We do sell accessories though, e.g. the strapless bra for the 10 way. These items are listed under the style name "Jane Dough". :)


 Are all of the jewels nickel free?

In Europe there is a recently updated law that since there is a way to produce copper and brass without adding nickel to it, it is now banned to do so. Although, there are still little gaps in the system which means we cannot guarantee that there is 0 nickel or chrome in the metals.


Is the silver jewellery in your shop sterling silver?

Now, that is a law that is very strict in Hungary: silversmithes are only allowed to use sterling silver to make jewellery and therefore sellers are only allowed to sell that, too. Controllers come each year and check if everything is according to the rules regarding sterling silver. If something is made of an alloy of different metal, or copper that is silver plated, we will always let you know that in the description of the item.

Are felted hats waterproof?

Yes, felt is made of wool. Sheep need wool to keep them warm and to protect them from different weather conditions. If they don't get wet roaming on the fields all they, won't get either! :)

Is wearing copper and brass going to turn my skin green?

Brass doesn't do that. Copper may do so, depending on your demography (what the highest temperature in your home town is), your ph scale and how "sweaty" you are. People who live in hot countries or tend to sweat are more likely to have this problem. There are some things you can do though to prevent turning your skin green, which you may find in our blog section.