Black And Silver Rounded Square Fused Glass Earrings with Dichroic

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The intensely shining dichroic glass gives an extra sparkle to the colourful, shiny glass jewel.

Size: 15 mm x 15 mm

The base of this particular piece is black which serves as a hardly visible frame for the nacreous white dust layer immediately above it. Tiny rectangular and square shape black glass pieces form the next layer and then the same shape but even smaller silver color dichroic glasses create the sparkle of the jewel. The very top layer which creates the 3D effect is a transparent glass layer. One tiny dichroic is melted into the last layer, leaving the surface of the area rougher than the rest of the jewellery.

Absolutely beautiful and since we know it is very hard to find black and white jewellery, we highly recommend this color combination for those seeking for such pieces!


Black is a very powerful color that symbolizes class, elegance and wealth

Stylish clothing is often designed in black, everything from suits, to sexy black dresses, to formal black tie outfits. Black combined with other colors can have a very strong impact.

The color white is reflective and stimulates openness, growth and creativity

You cannot hide behind it as it amplifies everything in its path. The color white is purity in the ultimate sense. Therefore, it is traditionally worn by western brides, and the reason why doctors wear white coats. White is a color that protects and encourages. It offers a sense of peace and tranquility, comfort and hope, and helps to relieve emotional disturbances. White color meaning gives a sense of order and efficiency, and it is a great help if you need to clean up your life. The color white offers an inner cleansing and purification of your thoughts, feelings and ultimately, your spirit. It is refreshing and strengthens your entire energy system.

Silver is a powerful color which can bring about mental, physical and emotional harmony

Silver color meaning includes glamorous, sophisticated and distinguished. Silver haired men and women are considered graceful, intelligent and wise. It is traditional to give gifts made of silver on the 25th anniversary. When using it in websites, mix the color silver with other hues to create a high tech or industrial representation.

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