Handmade Love Potion Pendants with Real Dried Flowers Floating Inside

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This piece is dianty flattened round shape glass necklace with dried flowers and decor sand floating inside in liquid!

The shade of the flower is a perfect contrast to the shade of the sand inside. The clear liquid lets the main emphasis to the treasures in the bottle - I recommend this particular piece to witches who try to keep the balance between good and evil ;)

This tiny world inside the pendant is very precious and beautiful.

The glass pendant is 50 mm long and its widest part is 15 mm.

This pendant hangs from a 54 cm long silver color chain, decorated with sparkly black gemstones and silver color bead caps.

The pendant is air sealed with a cork plug glued in it!



How to take care of this necklace

It is made of glass (with some magice potion inside, sealed with a cork plug) and rhodium plated metal alloy. If you follow the golden rules below, you should never have to worry about cleaning them.

Please note

  • this jewel is slightly fragile
  • spray your perfome 20 minutes prior putting on your jewels
  • never take a bath/shower with your jewelry on because moist is harmful even to noble metals
  • when you take it off, keep your jewelry in the darkest, driest area of your home to maintain its original beauty for a long time

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