Handmade Dragon Butterfly Wing Earrings

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A gorgeous pair dragon butterfly wing earrings with jagged edge. Each earring is made of 2 pieces of wing shape resin plates that are attached at the ear hook so they always look the best possible.They are about 6 cm long (and their widest parts are about 2 cm) but very light weight, almost as if you don't wear earrings at all! 

These earrings are so stunning in person, I combined my love art nouveau and fairy magic to create this unique pair of earrings.

No Fairies or Butterflies were harmed in the making of this jewelry.

The originally crystal clear resin is colored but it still kept its glass-like transparency and due to it the wings are airy and light as we imagine a fairy's wings. 

The earrings are finely crafted and rich in detail. I make each of their grooves separately. This takes 3-4 times as much time, but it makes the wings much more lifelike because the lights and shadows accentuate each little groove, creating the illusion of a fragile membrane. The earrings, while glassy, ​​are not fragile at all. It can be broken by force, of course, but it doesn't break if e.g. you drop it on the floor. Keep away from chemicals, cosmetics and perfumes.

I sprinkled some glitter on the wings to summon the magic of the fairies. I tried to take photos that show how millions of sparkles shine in them when light reaches them from the right angle.

Just as a real butterfly's wings' ends are the most decorative, the earring wings' edges are decorated with Swarovski crystals which I chose according to the specific color of the earrings.


These earrings can be ordered with different ear hooks.
If you would like to choose different ones that the original, you can add them through on the links below. In this case you will receive your earrings with your chosen hooks. All of the hooks are chrome and nickel free.

Orderable Hook Options for Fairy-Butterfly Wing Eearrings



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