Fantasy Design Handmade Clear Resin And Wood Ring Size 52-53 (US 6 - 6 1/2)

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These are unusual shape, large, statement, transparent resin and wood rings.

The decoration ("stone") of the ring reaches about 1 cm away from the finger! It is approx. 1.8 cm wide and 1.5 cm thick. The surface of the resin part is just as uneven as a gemstone would be, shaping a polygon with its many sides and edges. Its clear blue color and the many tiny bubbles inside creates a beautiful fantasy underwater effect.

The wooden part is shaped a hoop ring from where the artist broke all traditions by leaving splinters sticking out from the wooden band. The splinters are merged with the resin gemstone, leaving the whole surface smooth and polished.

This type of handmade jewellery is very modern, very clean, it is truely the definition of minimalist jewelry with a touch of nature. Due to its giant decoration, it is also a statement jewel piece. The simple geometric design is only broken by the natural line of the wood - the artist kept it the way he found it!

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