Handmade Glow-in-the-dark Dot Painted Glass Earrings With Fairy Kingdom/ Animal Charm

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These fun dangle earrings with fairy kingdom/animal charms will definitely add color to your ourfit while they are still filigree, subtle pieces of jewelry! The dots are handpainted one by one with a very tiny contour brush and a special kind of paint. Since the top of the surface is painted, you can feel the little bumps of the dots when you touch it!

The metal parts of the earrings are made of silver plated copper.  Cute little charms are added for extra personalization and fun!

The decorated mandala part is 1.2 cm however, the full length of each earring is 5 cm. At checkout, you can choose the color of the mandala (the options are on the photos as well). The colored dots on the earrings glow in the dark!

The dots glow in the dark! Charge the pendant with strong light (the stronger the light the brighter your earrings will glow) and then turn off the lights! This aspect of the jewel has a secret message: have hope and shine your heart bright even in the darkest times!

This style of jewels speaks about positivity on every level!

The decorated mandala part is 1.2 cm however, the full length of each earring is 6 cm. At checkout, you can choose the color of the mandala (the options are shown on the photos as well).

You can choose from 10 different shades for the mandala part or, if you are brave enough, you can choose different colors for the two pieces that make a pair (I would recommend it to the bravest, most colorful human beings out there :) )! Please write a note with your order if you would like a different color than the one on the photo!

You should never-ever have shower in jewelry because that will definitely shorten the lift of them but I especially don't recommend it for this pair because it is plated with silver and the base material (metal alloy of different metals) will peek through the thin coat.


The hooks are made of surgical steel. If you prefer having a sterling silver or silicone hook you can easily purchase it in our webshop from the Product Add-ons menu. I will change the hooks for you and send your new pair of earrings with your preferred hooks.


This piece is also available as a pair of clips! Please select surgical steel clips in the Product Add-ons menu!

How to take care of it

These earrings are made of 3 materials: glass, silver plated copper and stainless surgical steel (hooks). The stainless steel hooks won't mattify and they won't turnish so you will most likely never have to clean it. If, however, there are some stains on it (e.g. from your make-up) you can use a dry silver dusting cloth to wipe it away. The silver plated copper parts can be clean/polished the same way.

Please note

  • these earrings are fragile
  • never take a bath/shower with your jewelry on because moist is harmful even to noble metals
  • when you take it off, keep your jewelry in the darkest, driest area of your home to maintain its original beauty for a long time

About The Artist

 This pair of earrings is made by Chloe Nyiri (Chloe Lights), here is a short video of her and her art:

Dot painting is a style that is very similar to the well-known pointillism but dotillism art looks more like mosaic art: fabulous colors mixed with fantasy yet raised to high quality jewellery due the fine materials and paints are being used. The design is created dot by dot with a tiny contour brush, forming a symmetric mandala art on each jewellery by Chloe Nyiri (Chloe Lights).

Most of the pieces glow in the dark, as you might have seen it by their titles or the photos!

The paintings are made with the same technique. You can find original art works, prints and post cards here, too. Some of the paintings also glow in the dark (if it is the case then it is indicated in the title and/or descripiton of the product).

We also have these exact items on display in our offline stores in Budapest, so once you ordered them, we have to check whether they are still available for shipping.



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