Handmade Soft Pink Real Rose Flower Petals Incased In Resin Sphere Necklace

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 Jewels made from plants are unique already because nature participates in the process of creation so the end result is always unique and unrepeatable.

The gorgeous pink rose petals seem to be floating in this 3 cm resin sphere.

You can find my signal in this piece, too: a tiny "S" letter.

I chose silver color jewel components. You may adjust the length of the chain to 44, 60 or 75 cm. I decorated the chain with iridescent Swarovski beads that recall the colors of the petals and a transparent glass bead matching the crystal clear resin.

The chain closes with a small carabiner. If you would like to wear the jewel long, you don't even have to open it, just hang the necklace around your neck. However, if you would like to adjust the chain to be shorter, then unhook the carabiner from one end of the chain and close it in the intermediate ring. If you would like it to be even shorter then use the 2nd intermediate ring instead of the other end, too. In this case the leftover chain decorates your back, too from your neck down on the line of your spine. 






How to take care of this necklace

It is made of resin (with real dried flowers inside) and rhodium plated metal alloy with some glass beads. If you follow the golden rules below, you should never have to worry about cleaning them.

Please note

  • this jewel is slightly fragile
  • spray your perfome 20 minutes prior putting on your jewels
  • never take a bath/shower with your jewelry on because moist is harmful even to noble metals
  • when you take it off, keep your jewelry in the darkest, driest area of your home to maintain its original beauty for a long time

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