Strapless, Backless Silicone Bra

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Silicone bra, breast lifting pad. It helps your cleavage to appear optically more advantageous, more beautiful in shape. Whatever the style, the type of clothing, this silicone bra pad gives perfect shape through lifting shaping your breasts and pushing them towards the right direction. It is perfectly safe when a woman needs that talent she was born with – to look perfect. It is very easy to handle, is very comfortable and it fits your body unnoticed. It gives you a natural feeling nad increases your self-confidence. The silicone bra adjusts completely to the line of the breast and it gives a better shape, more beautiful lines to the breasts. It can be worn alone or under the bra, attaches to the breast, clamps and holds them in place to achieve the perfect decolletage. Anyone can wear it regardless of age. If a person has large breasts, it is best to wear it for they are lifted and shaped. If it is smaller, then because it optically enlarges them with one size. It fits silkily and smoothly so it remains unnoticed while greatly improving the appearance of the breasts.

At checkout, please choose from the cup sizes: A-B-C

If you are unsure, be sure to check the correct size selection before ordering. You can choose the correct bra size as follows:

Required sizes:
1. Bust (cm)
2. Size below cm (cm)

Cup size = Difference between bust (1.) and breast size (2.):

(A) cup 13 cm
(B) cup 15 cm
(C) cup 17 cm
(D) cup 19 cm

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