Fantasy Style Handmade Studded Brass Band Ring Forged By Hand

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This jewelry was made as it was in the old times, how even ancient, now extinct cultures made the jewelry. The material, its processing, the art of forging was available for our ancestors as well.

Even its color is like as if it was dropped here from some romantic era/place!

The design of the ring is as if you have grabbed a brass band and loosely coiled it around your finger. In reality to achieve this wispy and spontaneous effect the copper had to be forged. Where the ends of the strip close the ring, a tiny stud holds them together.
This small stud just like a stone, is also a decoration on the ring. For this ring that was made of copper, on the head the trace of the hammer hits can be seen nicely which generates tiny shining surfaces on the top of the stud.

 As you wear the ring, the edges the small clinches are regularly polished involuntarily so if you like it and wear it a lot it will be grateful and will get prettier! Except for this its color won’t change anymore, because of a fine polish layer that protects its surface from oxidation.

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