2020 {Pantone} Color of The Year - Finally, a Wearable Color!

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If you are like me, don't really care about current fashion or trends, I don't blame you. Yet, I am always curious to know whether my favourite colors will be trending in international clothing chain stores such as H&M or C&A. I don't follow fashion

After ultraviolet in 2018 and living coral in 2019, Pantone has decided to mute a little from the brightness and liveliness of shades and went for a shade called 'Classic Blue' for 2020.

Pantone Color Of the year Classic Blue

I'm not saying that pink or purple are not wearable colors but in the past two years, social media was full of articles and videos of 'how to make the color of the year wearable' or 'the color of the year is ultraviolet, here are the shades that are more subtle but similar enough'.

After two years of kindly and respectfully shaming Pantone for its choices, Pantone listens! ....and Intuita Shop has a lot to offer for lovers of the color:blue!

2020 pantone color of the year sterling silver and enamel

Blue color enamelled sterling silver jewel set that is available as separate necklace and earrings as well. It is actually very difficult to enamel sterling silver because their melting point is close to each other which may as well result in  a huge mess: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_shining-through

 Pantone color of the year mosaic glass pendant

 Dichroic was actually invented by the Nasa, it is a beautiful, sparkly piece of class that may change color depending on the angle of the light hitting the surface:


 Pantone Color of the year 2020 Classic Blue Earrings

 Blue color, glow-in-the-dark jewelry with Swarovski crystals: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_sunnyside

 Pantone color of the year 2020 classic blue

 This spakly, shiny, holographic blue abstract pendant is one that I think expresses a woman's mood perfectly with its nonfigurative pattern and airy ways: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_encapsulated-dreams

 Pantone color of the Year 2020 classic blue

 Enamel is one of the most popular materials and I can see why: it is beautiful, artistic, fantasy style and feminine: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_fairy-forest

 I hope you enjoyed my article on classic blue pieces in Intuita DesignStore. I will continue to add blue items throughout the year!

Thank you for sticking around in 2019 and I wish you all a very happy new year!

Chloe Nyiri




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