Valentine's Special in Intuita 2020

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Valentine's day is for lovers, this is the day that is solely to celebrate your feelings for the other person, the things you have gone through together and if you have been only dating recently, then all the things you hope for in the future.

In Intuita we have collected some gifts you may find heartwarming and special not only because they are one-of-a-kind but also because they speak about love on a deeper level - since they are made by two loving hands!

 heart shaped enamel on copper necklace for Valentine's Day in Intuita

Dainty enamel on copper necklace with hearts

Heart shape has been a symbol for love for a very long time - therefore it is always a wise idea to give something that is better than a 1000 words - like this enamel on copper necklace with 3 dainty round shape pendants. The heart shapes on them reminds us the sketch-like drawings from our children's books:


real flower pendants

Pendants with real flowers

Most ladies looove flowers however, in February it is still very cold - at least in Europe - and we don't see a lot of flowers other than maybe a few snowdrops here and there.

This pendant in the photo above is made of real dried flowers incased in a resin sphere:

 tandem bike wire couple figurine Valentine's Gift in Intuita

 Tandem Bike Couple

Our wire figurines include a series for couples - standing couple, couple sitting on a bench, couple on a bike, tandem couple-, they are fun, lightweight decorations that impersonate you and your loved one:


 small etched ceramic bowl with heart shape motif for Valentine's Day in Intuita

 Pastel Color Ceramic Bowl

These smaller size ceramic bowls are etched, their sides are drenched in gold (it is real gilded ceramic) and the heart shape in the middle makes it even more appropriate for Valentine's Day:


red color gifts for Valentine's Day in Intuita Shop

Red color accessories

Red is the symbolic color of love, therefore it is considered the most appropriate color for Valentines day. A bouquet of red roses, a red box of chocolate says it all. If, however, you would like to step a bit further, give something more meaningful and lasting, visit our red section:

Here are a few more heart shape jewels:

heart shape jewel set for Valentine's Day in Intuita

 Handpainted fused glass jewelry:

 heart shape sterling silver and resin stud earrings Valentine's Gifts in Intuita

 Sterling silver and resin jewelry:

Dot painted earrings with Swarovksi heart charms for Valentine's Day in Intuita

 Glow-in-the-dark, dot painted earrings with heart shape Swarovski charms:



I hope you will find something that says it all about your feelings towards your loved one! Check out our website for more inspiraton:


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