We interviewed Emmi who creates magical enamel on copper jewelry

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How did you end up on this road?

I went to the goldsmith’s trade of Secondary Technical School of Fine Art when at one of the classes we came to learning enamel technique. Since the begninning, this was the most exciting project for me. That moment I knew this was what I’ve been searching for. I immediately signed up to an enamel teacher and was studying enamel next to school.

 enamel artist in Intuita Shop

What do you love about it the most? Which moments, activities bring you the most joy?

I love eventuality the most in enamel, that time when I sear an object and the end result is not the colour effect I imagined but something even more beautiful.

 enamel on copper dainty necklaces

Everything is more difficult in this world than an outsider can imagine. Could you mention an example of your work that we, outsiders wouldn’t even think about?

Since I use cloisonné technique, the contours of the patterns are made of copper wire which must fit perfectly. This can be quite difficult with a more complicated picture although it is possible.

dianty enamel on copper jewel setDo you keep any of your own pieces? Do you wear or use them?

I have several works that I keep and wear of course. For example these two bracelets and the white ring:

 enamel on copper hairgrip

Do you also make other things apart from what we sell here in Intuita?

I also make ornamental bowls which is not yet in the shop.

 fantasy style enamel on copper earrings

What makes you the proudest?

When my daughter and I paint together in our studio.

Or when someone steps to me in a market and admire my enamels for minutes then I see the smile and happiness on his/her face that my works cause, well then I’m really happy, too.

enamel on copper clocks in IntutiaWhat are your plans for the future? Is there something fumbling inside you that is waiting to be created?

There are always new ideas, of course.

I’d like to mix enamel with another material, eg. textile or leather…

I’m also planning some new forms.

enamel on copper earringsFinally: Do you have favourites in Intuita? Whose work are the closest to your heart and why?

I adore Pándor’s works. He is very close to me professionally.

My other favourites include Erna and Korilla, too.

To see all that we have to offer from Emmi, please visit: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_enchanted-enamel

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