“The sky is already purple; the first few stars have appeared, suddenly, as if someone had thrown a handful of silver across the edge of the world.”

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“The sky is already purple; the first few stars have appeared, suddenly, as if someone had thrown a handful of silver across the edge of the world.”
― Alice Hoffman

purple color infinity dress

2 beautiful purple shades from our range of infinity dresses! Can you imagine that you go on a date, go to the office or attend a wedding with a beautiful dress on and then every time you use the restroom, you come out in a brand new design dress? Only your imagination stops you from wearing this dress more than 40 different ways (at least that's how many we found)!

Shop online: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/clothes/design_infinity-dress

purple color zip bag


A bag that is the greatest surprise gift ever! Open the zips and let your gifted person figure out what it is they are getting:


zip bag

You can find them in our webstore: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/bags-accessories/design_zipper-bag

dark purple handmade leather bullet journal

This handmade leather journal is perfect for bullet journalling, recipes, or just simply to use the good old fashion pen and paper to write anything your heart's desire: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/journals-bookmarkers

purple color dichroic glass studs

Dichroic glass is a special invention that changes the color of the glass depending on the angle of view! If you closely look at this photo, you can discover that there are some tiny, bery bright pink sparkles in the depth of this glass piece, if you looked at it from the side it would turn to that color: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_moonlit-mosaics+earrings_studs

 purple color leather bracelets with enamel on copper decoration

 This leather bracelet is one of my favourites - it is made by enamel on copper artist Eszter. She uses different hues of leather stripes to create a very soft and harmonious effect and then she adds 3 plates of beautifully designed, unique enamel on copper decorations: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_fairy-forest

 enamel on copper jewel set

 These geometrical shape enamel on copper pieces are very popular in our offline stores: they are very light weight, carry within clean, modern shapes while the design is softly colored enamel flowers, tendrils and traditional motifs: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_clear-forms-shiny-colors

purple color handpainted glass necklace


Handpainted, sparkly glass jewelry. It actually looks like you're glowing from within or that the jewel has some magical powers because the sparkles gather all the light and they spread it in all directions - just like a medalion from a fantasy novel or movie: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_encapsulated-dreams

purple color real flower and resin earrings

 Flowers are a great gift idea and have been for the longest time however, they wither. We found the perfect solution for that! These earrings are made from real flowers that will last forever: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_elves-from-the-deep-forest

earrings that resemble old bakelite earrings with purple music notes

Earrings that resemble old bakelite are also among the most popular pieces in our offline stores! They are lightweight, fun, and represent music: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_break-the-rules

purple color angel wing earrings The beautiful feather-like resin earrings look like butterfly wings (or for the more fantasy approach: fairy wings)! They are softly colored, slightly transparent and there is also some subtle glow going on so they look best with short hair/if you put your hair up in a bun or pony tail: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_your-own-fairy-veil-wings


Let me know in the comments: which one is your favourite? Have a look through our purple section in the following link: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/color_purple

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