You are my blue crayon, the one I never have enough of, the one I use to color the sky

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handmade blue color jewelry in Intuita Shop


 Blue color is the second most popular shade amongst ladies when they choose from our selection of jewelry, ceramics and accessories! It is the symbol of freedom and since the invention of jeans (1871) blue has become an "everyday wear" color. 

Often, when men come into our shop to find a unique gift for their wife and children, I ask their hair color and what they wear on a typical day so that we can narrow down the thousands of options we have in Intuita Shop. And more often than not, the safe choice is blue.

 blue necklace

 Painted by hand, this pendant is airy, magical, iridescent all at once! The lace-like metal frame completes the beauty of the glass piece:

 blue hairgrip

 This beautiful hairgrip is made by hand with the traditional enamel on copper technique. In this beautiful shade of blue, the enamel really looks like a piece of frozen sea or ocean:

 blue color mosaic sterling silver and enamel jewel set

 This mosaic design jewel set is a modern, sterling silver and enamel piece. They are carefully cast by hand which makes them a rarity apart from the fact that it is very difficult to fuse enamel and sterling silver:

 blue color zipper bag

 Blue color zip bag and matching earrings - we have a wide range of colors available but blue is one of the most universal colors - the design of these bags calls for casual wear so it is perfect with jeans and a simple top:


zip earrings

 If you would love, you can get matching earrings to go with your bag:

blue color fused glass jewel set with dichroic

 These lovely pieces are available in sets or as single pieces. They are mosaic design fused glass jewels with a touch of sparkly dichroic glass. The jewel findings are made of stainless surgical steel:


fireblown handmade perfume bottle

 Sophisticated, artsy perfume bottles made by hand:

To see the full list of what we have to offer in Intuita Shop in blue color, please visit the following link:


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