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Free worldwide shipping via FedEx on items below 250 gr! 

What would normally cost €7.50 - €10/item (depending on how far you are from us) is the speed and the insurance of your package. We offer free worldwide shipping via post which is uninsured and it can take even more than 2 weeks to arrive (outside of the so-called rush month from the end of november til the end of December when it can take a month or even longer).

What's even more frustrating is when it doesn't arrive at all because it got lost on the way and however, after 2 month of sending the package, we can officially start a search for your order, that would be roughly at the end of January - beginning of February! *let's out a big sigh*

Black Friday Cyber Monday in Intuita Shop

This year we won't actually make discounts, instead we will make sure that you get your Christmas gifts on time, safe & secure!


Wait a minute... what does "on items below 250 gr" mean exactly?

When we uploaded our handicrafts we had to set the shipping weight of each item. Generally saying, a jewelry weighs about 30 grams while most of our ceramics are above 1kg.

Does that mean that I can have one jewelry shipped for free?

Not at all! That means you can add up to 30 gr pieces of jewelry to your basket before it starts charging you for shipping!

So how do I get free shipping? Do I get a discount code?

When you make your pruchase, just select the free shipping option at checkout. We will take care of the rest!

What's included in the sale?

Handmade Sterling Silver and Enamel Jewelry Black Friday Intuita

First of all: all of our jewelry (that means about 1000 pieces)! At the moment we only have jewels that weigh aroung 30 grams so feel free to add up to 8 pieces!

Shop online:

 These warm & fluffy wrist warmers are sewn and painted by hand and they come in different colors with different patterns. They are a wonderful Christmas gift idea for those who like to use their hands while walking outside in the winter time because these gloves are fingerless:

Black Friday Cyber Monday in Intuita Shop

 Recycled & upcycled bicycle tube wallets, coin purses and pencil cases are mostly great Christmas gifts for men:

 Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale in Intuita Shop

 Zipper bags can cause a big laugh under the Christmas tree - if you unzip it before you wrap it! So when your loved one opens the present, he/she will find a bunch of zippers! After zipping it up, it makes a really cool crossover bag:


Smaller sizes of our wooden logic games fit into the category - please check it - we will let you know in the description of each item if free shipping is included or not!

Have a look at our selection of brain exercises:

Black Friday 2019

The smaller cute little impersonations of wire figurines also fall into the free shipping category, please check the discription:


I hope you will find many things to your liking and if you feel like you would like to order more - you can always restart your basket after you're done with the first round!

Have a lovely day preparing for Christmas:

Chloe Nyiri


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