Sterling Silver Christmas Gifts

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Sterling Silver Christmas Gifts

In this article I will show you uniquely handcrafted sterling silver Christmas gifts. These pieces are not the usual kind - they are fused with other materials, like enamel or resin and are handcast therefore only available in a small series. They make unique, beautiful gifts under the Christmas tree because their rare, unusual and noble.

What is Intuita Design Store?

Intuita is a collective online and offline store of more than 100 arists's work that are juried to be high quality and beautiful.

By purchasing from us you support local artists and the Slow Fashion Movemet! Intuita Shop is a small family business in the heart of Budapest, selling quality handmade artifacts mainly from the countryside of Hungary.

 Enamel and Sterling Silver Jewelry

sterling silver and enamel, petal design necklace for Christmas in Intuita

 Here in Intuita shop, we have not met yet an artist who fuses enamel with sterling silver. The reason it is so rare is that enamel starts to melt at only a slightly lower degree (750-850 degrees Celcius) than silver (961.8 degree Celcius). That means that you have to be incredibly cautios and attentive so that the two material don't melt together into a big mess.

 sterling silver and enamel jewelry set for Christmas in Intuita

 The artist mostly draws inspiration from history and nature but on occasion she loves creating more modern pieces (see the images above).

sterling silver and enamel jewel set for Christmas in Intuita

Shop online:

filigree fantasy design sterling silver earrings

 Sterling Silver and Resin Jewelry

matyo design sterling silver statement jewel for Christmas in Intuita

Other than the extraordinary fusion of sterling silver and colorful resin, these jewels are also very special due to their very modern, somewhat ethnic design and that the artist polishes sterling silver plates to shine like a mirror!

resin and sterling silver ethnic design jewelry for Christmas in Intuita

 Nature and generally flower patterns have always been one of the biggest inspirations to create art and Aklary is no different: she creates beautiful tulip pattern pieces, other times she creates absolutely minimalistic pieces.

tulip design resin and sterling silver earrings for Christmas in Intuita

 Find our full selection online:

minimalist design sterling silver and resin necklace for Christmas in Intuita

 I hope you love looking through these pieces as much as I do. To be honest I have one of the jewels above that I got from my boyfriend for last Christmas. I love sterling silver jewelry and these are just my dream coming true!

Have lovely Christmas preps,

Chloe Nyiri



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