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I mentioned it before but I never really got around to show you all, that Intuita Shop is not solely an online store - in fact, we have opened our first offline store in 67. Váci street, Budapest 15 years ago (in 2004). After quickly filling up the shelves of the store with Hungarian artifacts, we opened Intuita 2 in 2006, a few doors down from the original boutique, in 61.

I made 3 videos of the 2 stores (the 4th is on the way), introducing you to the handicrafts we showcase in these two stores.

Here is the first one, of Intuita Shop:

 As you can probably tell, there are many different ceramics, jewels, gifts for ladies and for gentlemen. This shop is less colorful than the other, however, it has a magical, secretive feel about it, like you are walking in a magic store, looking for potion ingredients!


Of Intuita 2, there are 2 videos, one of them is a music video, showing you each shelf, the other one I made recently, is a chit-chat video where I talk about the artists and how we had this idea of supporting local artists by collecting and selling their treasures! 

 I hope you enjoy these videos! In the future, I hope to tell you about each and every one of the artists and what they make and any story that I know about them or the process of the making!



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