Handcrafted Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens and Young Adults 2019

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Christmas Gifts For Teens

Each year it can be a bit of a task to find unique, useful, fun Christmas gifts for our loved ones. Teens and young adults can be even more stressing since their taste in music, hobbies and looks can change quite rapidly. In this blog I will show you some ideas for young boys and for girls and in this article I will cover all those ages when a child wants to prove to the world that he or she is already an adult.

What is Intuita Design Store?

Intuita is a collective online and offline store of more than 100 arists's work that are juried to be high quality and beautiful.

By purchasing from us you support local artists and the Slow Fashion Movemet! Intuita Shop is a small family business in the heart of Budapest, selling quality handmade artifacts mainly from the countryside of Hungary.

Infinity dress

A unique, convertible dress that is available in a wide range of colors in small, medium or large size! On the photo below you can see the same dress in 3 different colors, wrapped in 3 different versions! In Intuita Shop we discovered more than 40 ways of how you can wear this dress, however, I am pretty sure that there are more!

Shop online: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/clothes/design_infinity-dress

infinity dress for Christmas in Intuita

 Recycled Bicycle Pencil Cases

 Once he has grown out of pencil cases with his favourite band or fantasy character, he will perhaps love something more simple in design and also in color:


Recycled Bike Tube Pencil Case for Christmas in Intuita

 Sterling Silver and Enamel Jewelry

Last Christmas a Hungarian company called Pass It On did a survey on teenage and young adults, asking them what they would like for Christmas and the majority of girls wrote "silver jewelry" in the survey! 

These beautiful pieces are filigree, fantasy design and made by hand - a truly special gift under the Christmas tree: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_shining-through


Sterling Silver and Enamel Jewelry For Christmas in Intuita

 Leather-bound journal for Him & for Her

Journals are beautiful, sentimental gifts and I think it is also a timeless present. However, we live in the age of computers, many people still love to write their plans, ideas and sketches on plain paper!

Have a look at our full range: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_spellbound-atmosphere

Leather-bound journal for Christmas in Intuita Shop

 Vinyl Earrings That Resemble Old Bakelite Records

Fun, lightweight, quirky accessories: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_break-the-rules

vinyl earrings that resemble old bakelite earrings

 Logic Games and Puzzles

Some part of us will always stay childlike, however, these games are rather hard so I wouldn't give them to a person under the age of 8-ish. The more difficult ones will be tricky and can take hours or days for even an adult: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/games-and-puzzles

 Real Flower Jewelry

Flowers are also nostalgic, beautiful, however, unfortunately they don't last forever... or do they?

These jewels are made of resin with real dried flowers nested in them!

real flower jewelry for Christmas in Intuita

 They are the perfect way to carry spring and summer on you all year long!

Shop online: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_capture-nature

real rose flower necklace for Christmas in Intuita

 I hope you found some great ideas in this article, however, these were only snippets of what we have to offer! Check out our Christmas series to get inspired: https://intuita-designstore.com/blogs/news/tagged/jawdropping-christmas-gifts or visit our website and browse our products: https://intuita-designstore.com/


Have a lovely day,

Chloe Nyiri



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