Designer Christmas Gifts For Extravagant Ladies

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Christmas Gifts For Extravagant Ladies

In this article I will show you uniuely handcrafted, heartwarming Christmas gifts for extravagant ladies. That means large, statement pieces, vibrant colors and unusual designs. If you came here and then soon realized that your lady is not that extravagant, please check out our  Christmas gift idea series:

You might find some great ideas there!

What is Intuita Design Store?

Intuita is a collective online and offline store of more than 100 arists's work that are juried to be high quality and beautiful.

By purchasing from us you support local artists and the Slow Fashion Movemet! Intuita Shop is a small family business in the heart of Budapest, selling quality handmade artifacts mainly from the countryside of Hungary.

 Unique Bracelets Made By Hand From Forks

When I first saw these I immediately thought, I must have one for myself! They are made of stiff alpaca metal (it is an alloy of different metals) yet they look like the wind has blown them in a free manner and I always get the feeling that their "branches" or spikes could start flowing any minute!

fork bracelet for Christmas in Intuita

See our current range of fork bracelets:

Hand Cast Bronze and Cold Enamel Necklaces

These fantasy style pieces are really close to my heart! I love their shape, their intricate detailing and their beautiful color fading!

Shop online:

fantasy style hand cast bronze and cold enamel necklace for Christmas in Intuita

Large fused glass necklaces with dichroic

A true statement piece, this type of giant necklace will cover most of your chest area! It is made of fused glass and the good news for sparkle-lovers is that dichroic glass is added to each piece for extra glam!

To see our full current selection, please visit:

blue and green fused glass statement necklace for Christmas in Intuita

 Resin & Wood Rings

So these are hardcore! They are very big, very modern and very clean rings that is suitable for all ages of women! At the moment we only have 3 pieces uploaded to our website but if you love the design, please let us know and we will send you the photos of what we have on stock in our offline store!

Shop online:

resin and wood ring for Christmas in Intuita

Enchanted Enamels

However, the color of these necklaces are muted and soft, their large size definitely draws attention to the cleavage! These jewels are especially close to my heart because they remind me of girl's novels.

large statement necklaces for Christmas in Intutia

 If you do not like the way it is up close to your neckline you can easily adjust its size to be long.

Shop online:

 round shape enamel necklace for Christmas in Intuita

 Enamel Hairgrips With Faces

While they are beautiful, one-of-a-kind and extraordinary, these enamel hairgips are also show-stoppers and will definitely bring attention to their wearer:

enamel hairgrips with faces for Christmas in Intuita

 In this article I show you a few pieces that I consider statement jewelry, however, if you would like to see our full collection of large showstoppers, please click here:

I really hope that by now you have plenty of ideas of what to give to your loved ones for Christmas but there's more to come in the subject so keep us in mind when it comes to Christmas Shopping!

Have a lovely day,

Chloe Nyiri




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