Handcrafted, Heartwarming Christmas Gift Ideas For Animal Lovers 2019

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Christmas Gifts For Animal Lovers

Each year it can be a bit of a task to find unique, useful, fun Christmas gifts for our loved ones. Of course, you husband needs new socks each year and your mum will just love anything coming from you but my attempt here is to show you that in Intuita Shop, you will find gifts that they will find amazing and most importantly heartfelt!

In this article I will show you uniuely handcrafted, heartwarming Christmas gifts for animal lovers (and I dare say that quality applies to most of the people on planet Earth!).

I am not saying that you will find something for everyone - although, I am coming from a quite large family and each year I surprise them from Intuita - but I will say that you will find a huge selection of one-of-a-kind, jawdropping, interesting and fun gifts for all ages!

What is Intuita Design Store?

Intuita is a collective online and offline store of more than 100 arists's work that are juried to be high quality and beautiful.

By purchasing from us you support local artists and the Slow Fashion Movemet! Intuita Shop is a small family business in the heart of Budapest, selling quality handmade artifacts mainly from the countryside of Hungary.

animal shape flower pots Christmas gifts

Animal Shape Flower Pots

These cute flower pots are made with raku ceramic technique and are shaped as adorable baby animals! They have many purposes, other than flower pots they can be used as simple decoration, coin or pencil cases, or collect any small items in them ( I collect my rubbers and sharpeners in them because these 2 items tend to get lost in my house :D).

elephant shape flower pot Christmas Gift

Check out all of the available animals online: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/decor/design_mary-poppins-garden



Journals with Animal Watercolor Print Covers

I always thought that I am quite alone with my stationary obsession but since I work in Intuita Shop I had to realize that this is quite a thing! I personally use them as sketch books and to write my plans, my thoughts, sometimes recipes in them (so they are quite messy but that is the way I love them)!

journal with bird watercolor print cover Christmas gift

Shop online: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/journals-bookmarkers 

journal with fish watercolor print cover Christmas gift

 Butterfly Shape Necklace

This is a unique design from our bronze artist, Borti's collection however, this beautiful butterfly comes in different colors: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/jewelry/design_palace-garden+category_necklaces?page=2

Butterfly Necklace Christmas Gift

Glow-in-the-dark, Dot Painted Earrings

These cute dangles belong the Flora & Fauna collection. They remind us of the beautiful things in nature that we need to protect! Choose your favourite animal with your favorite color: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/jewelry/design_sunnyside

glow-in-the-dark, dot painted bunny earrings Christmas gifts

Glow-in-the-dark, fot painted earrings Christmas Gifts

 Earrings That Resemble Old Vinyl Records

Just the thought of these earrings is fun enough to have them in your jewel collection but now we have a range of earrings with butterfly prints on them: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/jewelry/design_break-the-rules

teal color vinyl record earrings with butterflies Christmas gift

Fantasy Style Sterling Silver Jewelry


Horse Shape Sterling Silver Pendant Christmas Gift

 Framed Watercolor Bird & Insect Giclée Prints

 These beautiful watercolor prints look very much like photographs - the artist is also a bird watcher and as a special request, she also painted some insects.

I think it is a very special gift idea for women and for men, too, regardless of their age: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_bird-whisperer

Bumble bee Giclée Print Christmas Gift

 Wire Figurines

This cute wire figurine is for those who have a passion for humankind's best friend: dogs: https://intuita-designstore.com/collections/products/design_who-do-you-think-i-am

 Dog Walking Figurine Christmas Gift

 I hope you love this short selection of gifts for animal lovers. We have quite a few more items in Intuita's offline store that is related to this lovely subject but we haven't had time to upload them yet. I will constantly upload new things here as we upload them!


Have a lovely day,


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