Designer Made Christmas Gift Ideas For Sportspeople 2019

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Christmas Gifts For Sportspeople

Each year it can be a bit of a task to find unique, useful, fun Christmas gifts for our loved ones. Of course, you husband needs new socks each year and your mum will just love anything coming from you but my attempt here is to show you that in Intuita Shop, you will find gifts that they will find amazing and most importantly heartfelt!

In this article I will show you uniuely handcrafted, heartwarming Christmas gifts for sportspeople and especially for people who loves cycling (like myself)!

I am not saying that you will find something for everyone - although, I am coming from a quite large family and each year I surprise them from Intuita - but I will say that you will find a huge selection of one-of-a-kind, jawdropping, interesting and fun gifts for all ages!

What is Intuita Design Store?

Intuita is a collective online and offline store of more than 100 arists's work that are juried to be high quality and beautiful.

By purchasing from us you support local artists and the Slow Fashion Movemet! Intuita Shop is a small family business in the heart of Budapest, selling quality handmade artifacts mainly from the countryside of Hungary.


Tennis player figurine Christmas Gift Intuita

So let's start this section with our wire figurines. These lovely impersonations are fun and make your gifted person smile - and it is for sure that he doesn't have one of these yet!

Archeer figuine


So what type would suit him the most? In this article we cover the sport-related figurines but there are many others,too!

So there is the tennis player, the archer, the cyclist, ice hockey man, the fisherman, the boxer.

The full range is available here:


We ship these worldwide for free however, as from most of the things in our store, we only have one of each item on stock! 

ice hockey man figurine

If we don't have your chosen piece on stock, please don't despair! We can preorder them from the artist who makes them and after they are ready, we will send it to you!

Fisher figurine

The most frequently asked question about these figurines is whether they are fragile and the answer is that they are not breakable however, they are made of wires which means they are bendable. Not very easily, but they are.

See our full range:

fisherman figurine Intuita Shop




We wrap them really well before sending them off to you but after they arrive, they are all yours to take care of. 

Shop them online:

Boxer figurine Intuita Shop


Recycled & Upcycled Bicycle Tube Goodies

Our costumers usually go grazy about these! They are unisex but mostly men love these items and even more specifically, cyclers!

These belts, wallets, purses, pencil and tool cases, beauty bags, and crossover bags are made from recycled bicycle inner tubes!

Pencil cases Intuita Shop

Pencil cases:

Recycled and upcycled toolbox Intuita Shop


Recycled bicycle inner tube Intuita



Coin Purses Intuita Shop


Coin purses:

recycled bicycle inner tube wallets Intuita


Please let me know your thoughts on our gifts collection for sportspeople!

Have a lovely day,

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