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I made a video using 3 different techniques on how to clean sterling silver jewelry - or in our case, handmade sterling silver jewelry!


I already used silver dusting cloth and silver cleaning liquid - as part of the job we clean jewelry in Intuita Shop regularly - however, it was a first for me to use toothpaste and - spoiler alert - I was pretty amazed by the final result!

Before And After Cleaning 3 Handmade, Sterling Silver Necklaces
Before And After Cleaning 3 Handmade, Sterling Silver Necklaces

On the photo above you can see the pendants in order: I cleaned the pendant on the left side with toothpaste, the middle one with silver dusting cloth and the pendant on the right side is cleaned with silver cleaning liquid.

I would say that they are equally effective, however, the most time consuming is to clean silver with a cloth (however, it is the only one that you can also use with silver plated jewels as well)!

I have to mention that our silver jewellers do not recommend toothpaste because as they said, the microparticles of the toothpaste cause damage to the surface of the silver.

Yet, I think that if you have no other options, this is a great home remedy!

I hope you loved to learn about these techniques, please let us know if you have discovered any other ways to clean silver jewels and also what you'd love to read about next!

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