How To Clean Copper Jewelry

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Do you love copper jewellery but after a while it turnishes? I'll show you an incredibly shocking way to make it look brand new again! You will only need two "ingredients" that I am pretty sure you have at home but you never thought it would be used for cleaning anything!

As a shop that has been selling handmade jewellery and other treasures for over 14 years, we have been looking for ways to maintain the original beauty of our products.

Copper is one of the materials that mankind has used for centuries, and we were eager to find ways to make tarnished copper jewelry look brand new again.

The official way to do so is actually with a tool that looks like a toothbrush but with metal bristles and when you stroke the brush against the metal, it gets the dark tarnished part off.

These brushes are hard to find and they are not very necessary, really.

If you have a bottle of ketchup at home, and some water to rinse it off, that will do the job! Whaaat??? Yes, ketchup!

The results speak for themselves: gorgeously shiny new jewels.

Here are the instructions:

  • pour some ketchup on your finger or on a piece of kitchen towel (never straight onto the jewelry)
  • rub ketchup on your jewel for a minute or two and then rinse it with water thouroughly
  • do not leave the ketchup on too long as it can leave stains on larger surfaces of copper
  • you should continously rub the ketchup into the copper because if you leave it (for example you rub it around for a couple of seconds and then leave it for a minute or two for the ketchup to "do its job") then where the ketchup is thicker it will be more shiny and therefore leave stains where it is thinner

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 I hope you found this tip useful, please let me know if you have tried "Ketchup technique" and how it turned out in the comment section below!

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