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Real Flower Bracelet

I think you will all agree when I say that no matter how young or old, how wild or quiet a woman is, we all have a feminine side to us. A little girl lives inside who loves simple things in life: the warmth of the sunshine, the lovely smell of flowers, the sound of laugther, the smile of our loved ones.

Purple Color Real Flower Pendant

Have you ever wanted to stop time and capture something beautiful so that it stays with you forever?

You may find the unmatched beauty of nature encased in unusal jewel shapes here. They are made in-house by Intuita Shop's housewife, Szilvia. :)

Resin Sphere Pendant With Real Mushrooms Inside

The resin is transparent and occasionally may have some bubbles inside which creates an underwater effect combined with real flowers in beautiful colours!

As the light shines through the resin we feel that its visible qualities are very similar to glass: it lets the light in yet breaks it, allowing every little frill of the petals to mesmerize its viewers.

These jewels come in a wide variety of unusual shapes and colors that either burst with a zest for life or are colorless to match your outfit now matter what color or style you choose to wear!

Colorful Real Flower and Resin Ring

"In search of my mother's garden,

I found my own."

Alice Walker

Real Rose in Resin Sphere Pendant

You may find our newest, currently available selection of real flower jewels here:

However, in this blog I uploaded photos of beautiful pieces that already found their owners. If you like one of these beauties and would like it for yourself or for a loved one, please get in touch with us through our Help & Contact page!

Pink color real flowers incased in resin pendant

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Yellow real flower and resin pendant

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