Our Halloween Pick For 2019: Encapsulated Dreams

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This blog is going to be for all those ladies who loves Halloween but would still love to look beautiful on this fun day, galmorous vampires, whimsical fairies and sparkly fantasy creatures will looove what we have to offer for this year's Halloween!

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Vampire Look


Bianka paints these beautiful glass pieces free-handed with a special, sparkly glass paint. The patterns seem to be floating inside the jewel and the end result depends on the artist's soul.

Halloween Autumn Fairy Look

The colors are also extraordinary, in some pieces you can see matching, harmonizing shades however, Bianka also loves to play and try to represent mystical moods and I think that is one reason why her jewels are so good choices for Halloween.

Pink elf look

I especially love those pieces that resemble the petals of a flower. They are airy, soft and beautiful, like a feather or a butterfly wing. :) Each piece is unique and unrepeatable which makes it an ideal choice for those who would love to express their inner beauty on a daily basis (not only for Halloween).

Beautiful Halloween Look

These jewels seem to be glowing from within and there are many variations in color, shape, pattern and even technique - I originally thought of these jewels as a collection for the 4 seasons but the more I looked at them, the more I realized that other than being in the fantasy family, they are all very much appropiate for Halloween looks!

Autumn Sunset Look

Of course, just like every blog I ever wrote, this blog and these photos very much reflect on my taste, my likes and the colors and styles I would love to wear together.

So tell me please in the comments section: what are your thoughts? What would you love to wear for Halloween?

Blue Fairy Look

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Shop these beautiful jewels online: Encapsulated Dreams

 Autumn Yoga Jewel


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