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Most days I wake up thinking "I wish the world would be so free that I could dress each day as my mood dictates. Some days, I would be a princess, other days an amazon or a hippie spirit."

With that thought came into my mind a blog series where I could show you all the different styles in my head. You know, in Hungary but I think also in most of the world we don't have that kind of a freedom where if a woman feels like putting on a princess ball gown for the day, she can.

 Princess Ball Gown

The reality is, we have to follow certain practical guide lines (I would hardly ever make it on a crowded bus with my giant princess Cinderella dress :D ) and some of us even have to wear a uniform (flight attendants, business women, etc.).

What I can do for you, though, is that I will show you the accessories for each style that we have in Intuita Shop so even if you must wear more casual clothes than you feel like, you can adorn yourself with one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry true to your heart's desire.

So the first question is:

What would I wear with a princess ball gown?

2 things come into my mind when I think about Disney princesses: romantic and magical amulets.

 Handpainted Glass Necklace

This type of jewelry has everything I would be looking for when it comes to a magical amulet: it is a very feminine style with the black lacey design and the matching tendril of the metal frame, the color of the base is gradient from yellow to orange and then to a claret - juicy aubergine shade which makes it a mysterious piece and finally the sparkle in the depths of the glass adds the princess touch :)

So I would very much wear this piece on a day when I feel princessy.

To see the full range of jewels we have in this style, please visit: Encapsulated Dreams

Fantasy Style Bronze Pendant

This is another piece that I refer to as fairy princess style! Fantasy and fairytales combined together, the heart symbol, the arched mosaic piece and again, the gradiance of color all adds to the superiority that this jewel is.

See our full collection: Palace Garden

Princess in blue dress

For more solid princesses I would like to recommend the copper and brass rings below - they are very popular amongst all ages of our customers!

Fancy Amazons

We call it the style of Fancy Amazons .
This jewelry was made as it was in the old times, how even ancient, now extinct cultures made the jewelry. The material, its processing, the art of forging was available for our ancestors as well.
Even its color is like as if it was dropped here from some romantic era/place!

Beautiful Ancient Dress

And finally, let me mention the jewel style that we call "Nymphs of the city". These pieces are not yet on our website.

These jewels looks like real flowers but they are actually made of parchment (a fine layer of goat leather)! These exquisite creatures are adorned with glass beads and sterling silver jewel findings. As you can see on this photo, the artist cared enough to make the flower so real looking that she even made pistils out of glass and silver beads!

Parchment Flower Necklace

I hope you enjoyed my little fun journey down the world of fantasy and princesses! Let me know in the comments section!

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Have a wonderful week!

A portrait of Chloe Nyiri


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