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Bukran ceramic bowl in Intuita

Have you ever dreamed of really special, one-of-a-kind dinnerware that you can pull out at large family dinners or friend gatherings? A piece from this collection will definitely add a heartwarming talking point! Just imaging serving thanksgiving turkey or the salad from one of these gorgeous gilded ceramic coiled pots and plates!

When I first saw these pieces, I could not stop thinking about them and after a few months, I applied in an art school just so that I can learn how these are made!

Ceramic Coiled Pots Intuita Shop

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They captured my heart with their soft pastel shades, with their mosaic texture and their flower motifs!

The artist, Bukran says she makes a dozen of these beauties at the same time and the process of finishing them takes about a month!

Gilded ceramic bowl in Intuita Shop

About the Artist

Mrs. Bukran graduated in 1980 from the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts. Since then she has been working as a freelance artist based in her own small factory. She has created her own unique method and designs by experimenting for years!

 In recent years she has been making vases in different sizes worked out in great detail, bowls and dishes to offer fruit, sweets or nuts and jewel holders with her special, unique technique.

Bukran ceramic bowl in Intuita

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Her works were awarded by national and international prizes. Her interior and exterior can be seen in public areas of Hungary.

Ceramic coiled pot

When describing her recent work an art historian, Osolya Kovács said:

"The mosaic surface of her art works radiates accuracy and modern character of handicrafts in a simple manner. The technical implementation is matched with simple open disk shapes which allow the beauty of the surfaces and the natural color of the glaze to dominate. The glaze accumulates in the grooves which emphasizes the pebble-like shapes creating the illusion of the forces of thousands of years. This impression is further strengthened by the veined, sometimes granular glaze. Mrs. Bukran has also found the secret of well designed simplicity through the application of sparkling golden and platinum surfaces, adding a new dimension of the archaic beauty of the dishes without walking into the trap of trying to look archaic."

Bukran ceramic bowl in Intuita

And if by reading this far, you started wondering what could possibly take so long to make, let me tell you about the process!

Bukran has 2 main techniques when it comes to the design of the ceramics: she makes small, etched jewel holders and every other piece is a mosaic she sticks together first forming the coils, petals and spheres and then she sticks them together.

Pastel Color, Ceramic Coiled Pots in Intuita

Each shade she uses as a glaze has a different heat tolerance which means that if she heats the oven too hot, the glaze will break if it is not hot enough, the glaze won't hold.

So how can she make sure that each shade reaches only its perfect heating point?

She first applies the shade that has to be seared at the highest temperature, then after the searing process she has to wait for her ceramic bowls to cool down so that she can apply the next shade which she will sear at a lower temperature and it goes on like that until the final piece is done.


 Gilded ceramic bowl in Intuita Shop

If look at her disk shape bowls from above, you can see that all of them look like a beautiful and unique flower head with a small wild flower in each petal.

The gold glaze that you can find in every single piece is real gold: another indicate that apart from making something beautiful, the artist also cares to create high quality and long lasting pieces that will serve dinner for generations to come!

Her pieces in Intuita Shop:

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