8 Things I Love To Do As A Local In Budapest

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Budapest, like all other capitals is in a constant state of change. I'm at an awe of how beautiful my home town is and working in a touristic area, I feel like I get to experience the city from the tourists' point of view, as well!

Many times people come into our stores and ask me what I recommend them to do while they are here so I gathered things that hopefully you'll agree with (or if you haven't tried them yet, you can get some new ideas for your bucket list!). These are also things that I love doing and do as often as my time allows me to!


1.Take a day solely for walking around the city center

Budapest is full of historical buildings and our architecture was influenced by so many other cultures over the years that it became a beautiful eclectic, old town. The parliament is a beautiful proof of that but at least once a month I take the time to walk around that area (district V-VII) and most buildings are just beautiful! There are many statues, fountains along the way to the city centre but I mostly adore the different styles of buildings, the fine details and the much care they put into building and then restoring them!

Budapest parliament

2.Take a bath

Not in your apartment/hotel/hostel but in a spa! Hungary is famous for its spas and since we have no seas this is the second best thing to do! I love Széchenyi thermal spa and Gellért spa the most!

Szechenyi Thermal Spa
Szechenyi Thermal Spa

3.Have a drink in town in the evening

...but please avoid ruin bars! I know it sounds very fancy but I only ever had bad experiences with ruin bars. There are many things that I didn't like but the worst was that the waiters constantly (every 5 minutes) came back to our table, trying hard to fake flirt with me to make me buy another drink (and it happened to me more than once and in different ruin bars). Even after I told them to please go away they kept coming back and it was really very annoying. I know it must be in their job descriptions, otherwise they probably just couldn't take the heat but that's even more reason for me to not recommend them to you.

I would very much recommend Gozsdu courtyard in the jewesh quarter in Budapest, which is right in the city centre and from there you can enjoy the busy nightlife Budapest has to offer. You can find quieter pubs and really loud ones, places where you can dance or watch football live!

4.Visit the museums in Heroes' Square

History and Architecture of Heroes’ Square

The monument was built for the 1896 Millennium celebrations, that’s why it is called Millennium Monument.

Hungary celebrated the 1000th anniversary that its ancestors found a place to settle down in the Carpathian Basin. Every part of the monument plays tribute to determining parts of Hungary’s history.

The memorial won the first prize at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. The monument was completely finished in 1929 and the square received its name then too.

Heroes' Square is surrounded by two important buildings, Museum of Fine Arts on the left and Palace of Art (or more accurately Hall of Art) on the right.

Other places nearby:

Budapest’s most popular park, the City Park (Városliget) stretches behind Heroes’ Square.

You can see the parks most spectacular architecture, Vajdahunyad Castle from the square.

Heroes Square Budapest
Heroes Square Budapest

5.Spend a day at Margaret Island/Városliget

Both Margaret Island and City Park are huge green belt areas in Budapest that offer many many things to do in nature! If you are tired of the loud noises of the city, you can come to these places to relax, sit on a bench for a few hours, walk your dog, take a ride on your bike (you can also rent bikes at these places) take a walk or spend the day lying down, sunbathing or having a picnic!

Budapest City Park

6.Visit the Budapest Zoo

As you can probably tell by now, I love nature :D I know, there is probably a zoo in you country's capital but this blog's point was to tell you what I, as a local do in Budapest and I loooove this place! The Budapest Zoo is right beside the City Park (or Városliget in Hungarian).

Budapest Zoo
Budapest Zoo Entrance

7.Search for local designers (visit Intuita Shop :P)

I know, it's cheeky but I had to mention it because whenever I visit another country, I always search for local designers or at least shops where they sell handcrafted items made by local artists. And that's us in Budapest! :) Of course, there are other designer stores as well, such as Paloma but there are not too many. I know a lot of galleries where you can find beautiful paintings and there are some events and occasional markets where you can find stands with handicrafts! If you have not been to

Intuita Shop entrance

8. Hop on a boat tour

There are many bus tours, river cruises and ferryboats servicing tourists every day in Budapest.

I recommend it very much that if you have a chance, come to the riverside one night and have a look at the beautiful lights of Budapest! It is a breathtaking view!

Do you have anything to add to this list? If you have been to Budapest, what other things have you done while you were here? What are your best memories of Budapest?

Have a lovely week,

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